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Have Fun While Staying the Course

Have Fun While Staying the Course

Yes, it truly is possible to do both. Many believe it’s an EITHER, OR situation.

This past week I received the following text:

“Down 1 pound 🙂 And I went out to eat with people a total of five days in a row. That was crazy. But I ate as healthy as I could, and I increased my steps.”

Win. Win.

Applause all around.

How does that happen? Here’s how. 

This person:

  1. Has an inspired reason for getting fit. When challenges show up, she calls forth the emotion of WHY it matters.
  2. Looks at the online menu before heading to the restaurant and decides exactly what she’ll order. Since the decision has already been made, there’s no falling for a meal that will bring about regrets at some future time.
  3. Takes into account other foods eaten throughout the day in order to balance out her nutritional needs.
  4. Has seen good results with increased movement to go along with her food choices.
  5. Enjoys her friends and the spontaneity of living life in the moment. While we tend to think there will be “another opportunity,” there are no guarantees.
  6. Understands that slow and steady wins the race. Patience pays off when dropping pounds by way of making habit changes that are sustainable for years to come.
  7. Finds it easy to follow the guidelines she has set for herself that are resulting in better health and fitness.
  8. Doesn’t mindlessly snack in the evenings out of boredom or habit. If she’s truly hungry, a small smart snack is the choice rather than a non-nutritional option.
  9. Knows that the scale is only one way to measure improved fitness. Her energy is good, and she is She is aware of the foods that make her feel less than her best and avoids them.
  10. Is in service to others as well as herself.

Many times, we tell ourselves that we can’t possibly enjoy going out with friends or celebrating happy occasions and still stick to our plan. 

That’s simply not the case.

You can. You decide. You’re worth it.

If you’re looking to improve some facet of your life, I encourage you to spend a few moments to figure out one thing you can do today to make the shift.

Then do that thing. Do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. See what happens.

I love good news and I love a good challenge. Feel free to email me your win win and your challenges. I will celebrate you.

Much love,

“Without hope, I wouldn’t even try. Hope lifts me to consider new possibilities so I can stay the course of my desire, no matter what.”—Sharon Weil

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