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Cookies No Milk, Pizza No Cheese: An Ice Cream Lover’s Guide to Raising Children with Dairy Allergies

If you’re trying to live a life without dairy, learn from a mom who raised two sons with dairy allergies–who love to eat! Whether you are allergic to dairy, lactose intolerant, or simply feel better avoiding dairy products, this book offers real solutions and alternatives to make it EASY.

Do you currently have anxiety or fear about how to enjoy a dairy free lifestyle?

Do you wish that someone who truly understands would take you by the hand and lead the way?

After reading this book, you will:

• Be familiar with hidden names for dairy
• Learn about alternative ingredients that taste delicious
• Have some family favorite, dairy free recipes to try
• Exchange feelings of deprivation for renewed HOPE

Follow the advice in this book to lessen your dairy allergy symptoms today!

What’s stopping you from eating delicious, dairy free foods and feeling great?

My book is available on Amazon by clicking HERE