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Time for a Reset

Time for a Reset


The time of year when we think of new life, cleaning, outdoors, daffodils—and rain. Lots of rain.

Winter was mild here in the Region. Thankfully. The season was still long, cold, and extremely dreary.

There were at least two weeks when my sunglasses never left their case. 

I’m ready for the freshness and warmth of spring. Unless you live in Florida, my guess is that you are too.

As we enter the second quarter of 2023, how are you feeling?

Don’t say, “Fine.” How are you REALLY feeling?

Perhaps you set some goals back in January. Are they still important to you? Have you accomplished some of them, or are you in the process of working through them?

Do you need to do some adjusting?

Maybe you haven’t given it much thought.

Whatever the answers are to these questions, it’s okay. Now is the time to correct the autopilot of day-to-day life if you’re not pleased with your year to date.

If you’re finding it hard to believe that we are one-fourth of the way through the year already, I encourage you to take a bit of time in the next week and consider what is important to you.

What, and who, deserves your attention and precious time?

This is all “Deep Health” stuff. Everything affects everything.

Good health is about much more than your cholesterol, body composition, and fitness level.

Research shows it’s also about your mental and emotional well-being, feeling connected to others, and just enjoying life overall.

Should you need more clarity around living out your goals, I’m just an email away.

Easter Blessings

For Christians, Holy Thursday through Easter (or Pascha or Resurrection Sunday), is the most holy time of year.

When I was a little girl, my mother and grandma would gather the specially prepared Easter foods in our baskets. We would then go to church on Holy Saturday morning to have the foods blessed.

Beautifully decorated eggs, pascha bread (a sweet, egg-rich round bread made especially for Easter), Polish sausage, nutroll, chocolate bunnies, lamb-shaped butter, beet horseradish, ham. 

It felt like more penance because everyone had these baskets filled with delicious (smelling) foods and we couldn’t eat any of it until Easter Sunday.

Although the contents of my basket are a bit different, I still carry on that tradition today.

Food connects us, invokes memories, comforts during tough times, helps us celebrate everything.

If you celebrate Easter, and even if you don’t, I hope your Pascha Sunday is filled with your favorite people and foods.

May you enjoy the blessings of spring and new life.

Much love,
Health Coach Carol

 “You are here. You are loved. God is good. And that’s enough.”—Brandon Heath, from his song That’s Enough

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