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Guess What I Caught Mr. Non-Compliant Eating

Guess What I Caught Mr. Non-Compliant Eating

About a week ago, I walked into the kitchen and saw Mr. Non-Compliant (my dear hubby) eating breakfast.

Up-close inspection revealed that he had a bowl of Greek yogurt, the plain unsweetened variety, with a bit of granola sprinkled in, and a sliced apple on the side.

“Really? You put this together all by yourself?” I said. “Who ARE you?”

Now, to be clear, I’ve seen him eating Greek yogurt and granola before, but usually with a generous amount of honey (he’s been cutting back on the honey over time), and a piece of toast in place of the apple. 

I was in shock.

“Are you ruining your reputation?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” he replied ever so calmly. “I’ll make up for it later.”

And he did. I witnessed him gleefully enjoying a brownie later that day.

The point of this brief exchange is to give you hope. Hope for you and/or the people you live with, as you practice eating more nutritionally dense foods in place of some that aren’t.

The apple and toast are both carbohydrates. The difference is that the apple—a complex carbohydrate—will not spike his blood sugar like toast, offers a wider variety of nutrients, and even has fiber. (He won’t eat whole grain bread.)

This was huge.

He’s learned that he must eat some protein at each meal, less added sugar is better, and carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables is preferred over foods made from white flour.

He still enjoys his treats, however, a little goes a long way. Many foods that he was used to eating on a regular basis are too sweet. His taste buds have adapted and are now happy with less. 

I saw an article on dessert-inspired breakfasts: Boston Cream Pie doughnuts, Tiramisu pancakes, Carrot Cake waffle breakfast sandwich. None of those are happening in my kitchen, and Mr. NC is fine with that.

It is possible to change your taste buds with a bit of patience and conscientious eating.

Cheers to your progress!

Much love,
Health Coach Carol

 “You will find that your taste buds have a memory of about 3 weeks.”—Neal D. Barnard

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