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Creating Space…in Your Refrigerator, Freezer, Life

Creating Space…in Your Refrigerator, Freezer, Life

Lately I’ve noticed that I have the need for more space—physically, mentally, digitally, and when it comes to my schedule.

And no, I do not want a larger house.

Recalling last week’s blog, I mentioned that our lives change when our habits change.

The simplest way to change who we are, is to change what we do. The behaviors we choose to do day in and day out, reinforce our identity.   

Rather than focusing on the habit, try focusing on the type of person you’re looking to become.

I’m taking on the identity of a space creator. As I create space, I have more free time to do what I love in surroundings that bring me peace and contentment. How lovely.

Living into this ideal is a better process than telling myself that I’ll make the time to clean out the refrigerator or figure out what “To Do’s” I must include in my day. That thinking doesn’t sit well with me, nor has it worked in the past.

I need a fresh perspective. I prefer to think of myself as a space creator.

In order to be successful, I also need a system.

My system looks like this:

I have a block of time in the morning, anywhere from 15-30 minutes, that I typically fritter away. I don’t even know what happens, except that I don’t accomplish anything measurable.

My ONE habit I’m implementing is to spend that small block of time CREATING SPACE, because that’s what space creators do. I know that I must do this in the morning, or it won’t happen. Immediately after breakfast is a good time to add it to my routine. I ALWAYS eat breakfast, so the success rate is high.

The commitment to spend 15-30 minutes feels right for this habit. The fun part is that I GET to CHOOSE where I create the space.

Yesterday I created space in the refrigerator. It was the day before garbage pickup day, so it was perfect. I spent about 30 minutes dumping out all those pesky little containers that were left from the early Covid days of carrying in some meals.

Those little containers went, along with some other ancient items that looked like a science experiment. Scary.

I have SO MUCH SPACE now, that it makes putting together my grocery list a breeze. This is one way I create mental space. Less time thinking about what I have/need.  

Today I put some books that I am not currently using, and need to keep, in a banker’s box that is labelled with the contents. More desk space, less stuff to distract me, and I know where they are when I need them. What a concept.

It’s the small things we do each day that create our identity. This small thing suits me. On my near future hit list: the freezer and pantry. Even one shelf at a time is awesome!

When I feel the need for more mental space, I may simply sit and breathe.

FUN OFFER: Take a guess at what was in any container that I tossed out and send me an email. If you’re correct, I’ll gift you with a 50-minute coaching call and help you get clear around that ONE habit you’d like to take on in order to create your new identity. Hint: we ordered Italian, salads, and even breakfast!

Spaciously yours,

“When you fall in love with the process rather than the product, you don’t have to wait to give yourself permission to be happy. You can be satisfied anytime your system is running.”
― James Clear, “Atomic Habits”

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