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The Scoop on Avocados

The Scoop on Avocados

The avocado can sometimes be a heartbreaker.

If you’re a fan, you know what I’m referring to. You buy what appears to be a beautiful avocado.

You allow it to sit the perfect number of days until it is just right. 

Finally, you’re ready to add it to your fish tacos or make it the star of your avocado toast. You cut it in half. 

Heartbreak. It’s black and ugly inside, with nothing worth salvaging.

It’s highly disappointing.

While I don’t have the answers on how to prevent this from ever happening to you, or me, again, I do have some storage tips to help keep them fresh and delicious.

Tips to Keep Haas Avocados Fresh and Delicious

  • When choosing your avocado, the proper way to feel for ripeness is to gently squeeze it with the palm of your hand–not your fingers. Firm avocados will need to ripen at home on your kitchen counter.
  • If you want them to ripen more quickly, put your avocados in a paper bag with bananas or apples. They all produce ethylene gas and the ripening process will be accelerated for them all.
  • Once they are ripe, eat them or move them (unpeeled) to the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. They’ll keep for up to one to two weeks, as refrigeration stops the ripening process.
  • Avocados contain an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase, which causes the flesh to brown when exposed to oxygen. To help prevent this in cut avocados, there are a few tricks you can try. Leave the pit in the half you are going to store so that there’s less flesh exposed. Store it in a sealed container with a piece of onion. Or rub with lemon or lime juice or olive oil, and cover with plastic wrap. Always refrigerate cut avocados. Eat soon.

The good news about avocados: they are full of nutrients, contain more potassium than bananas, provide heart-healthy fat, are loaded with fiber, help you absorb nutrients from other plant foods, contain antioxidants that contribute to eye health, and help you feel—and stay—full.

Happy Easter Season!

Last week I told of the blessing of Easter baskets on Holy Saturday.

It was a beautiful sight.

I hope you had a wonderful celebration. He is risen!

Much love,
Health Coach Carol

“Yesterday, I really wanted avocado toast. Now, I’m eating avocado toast. Follow your dreams.”—Unknown

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