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4 Tips to Gain Some Control of Your Life

4 Tips to Gain Some Control of Your Life

As we approach the holidays and see Christmas decorations showing up in store aisles before Halloween, it can make us a bit, well, CRAZED.

How does this happen? Where do the days, months, years disappear to? 

Maybe it’s just me. I highly doubt it. It’s true what my dad told me years ago. The older I get, the faster the years seem to fly by.

My dad was a very smart man.

A word of truth to all of you who are control people: There’s not much that we can really control in life. (I’m only the messenger, so please don’t delete me from your Inbox.)

With that being said, there are some things we CAN control that will help us feel more at peace, even on the craziest of days.

These are simple. The key is remembering how to spend your time and energy.

4 Tips to Gain Some Control of Your Life

  1. Focus on what you CAN control. It might help to make a list so that you can refer to it on really challenging days. For instance, you can decide your mindset for the day, how you’ll best utilize foods that are available to you, how much you’ll move your body (even if you have limitations), when you’ll begin your sleep ritual so that you get a good night’s rest, the relationships you’ll nurture and those that you’ll release.
  2. When you don’t know what to do, do the next right thing. What can you do that takes 5-10 minutes that will help you move forward in your day? Perhaps you can write a quick note to a friend who could use some cheer, meditate or pray, wash the dishes from the last meal, take a walk around the block, read a few pages of a very good book, fill up your water container and take a drink, make a salad for later. Doing a quick and easy activity starts the momentum when you feel stuck.
  3. When things go way off track, give yourself permission to start over and let the guilt go. Life isn’t perfect for anybody, even though social media may lead us to believe a different story. Whether it was the pizza, chips, or disagreement with a coworker that brought you down, consider what pushed you to that point, then move on. Forgive, and go back to tip #2. Do the next right thing.
  4. Take some slow, deep breaths. When we get stressed, our breathing gets shallow, or we may even forget to breathe. Paying attention to our breath and exhaling slowly tells our brain that we are safe. We reduce the stress and anxiety that we are feeling.

Something else to keep in mind. I know many people that are grieving loss, battling illness, nervous about world affairs, and much, much more. 

As we take on a spirit of loving kindness, we help others feel better, whatever their circumstances.

People will wonder what you are up to. Keep them guessing.

Remember, you have control over your mindset.

Much love to you,
Health Coach Carol

P.S. Need coaching around this topic? Would you like to create a plan that sends you into 2023 with some well-established fitness habits? Let’s do this together!

“Let go of the need to control. Trust in the wisdom of a divine plan.”— Cheryl Richardson

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