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5 Tips to be Buffet Savvy

5 Tips to be Buffet Savvy

It’s that time of year. Buffets and holiday gatherings abound, and they’re all centered around delicious food and drink.

LOTS of food.

The setting can cause anxiety for some. What will I eat when there is SO much? How do I get through this without gaining weight?


Never fear, Health Coach Carol is here, with some tips for your healthy holiday toolkit as you celebrate with loved ones and friends, as well as acquaintances. 

Tip #1

As you gaze over the massive amounts of delectable foods, zero in on your favorites. You know what they are. Begin with small helpings of those, knowing you can have more if need be.

Tip #2

Begin by eating your protein. You’ll be laying down a great foundation for whatever shows up in the upcoming bites. Eat slowly and enjoy each flavorful food. If it looks better than it tastes, you have my permission to not clean your plate.

Tip #3

Skip the bread or rolls. Really? You can have bread anytime. It takes up too much space. How often do you get to have savory stuffing or real cranberries? And then, what about…

Tip #4

…dessert? Maybe it’s pie or some other sweet treat. If sweets are your thing, be sure to save a pocket of space in your stomach to have a taste. More than one dessert that you simply MUST try? Go for it. Key word here is “try.” A little dab’ll do ya.

Tip #5

Make your time with family and friends the priority, because it is. Bask in the love of those around you and feel grateful. The food is what brings people together, but it’s not the main thing. When you keep this in mind, you won’t leave the table overserved, needing to loosen your belt.

The Amazing Cookie Bake with Health Coach Carol

I’m baking cookies Saturday December 4, and I’d love for you to join me! Through the magic of ZOOM, we are all gathering to bake and socialize and have a darn good time.

We’ll only mute when the mixers are mixing. It can get loud. We learned that last year. The rest of the time we’ll be enjoying casual chit chat.

Now, I know lots of you are sick of zooming. However, this is a very interactive experience and when we’re done, you’ll have a batch of cookies baked and you won’t have to keep wondering when in the world you’re going to find time to do THAT!

AND, if you don’t have cookies for Santa, he may not show. Do you want to risk it? 

The Particulars

WHAT: The Amazing Cookie Bake with Health Coach Carol

WHERE: ZOOM, so you’re in your own kitchen, and yet we’re together

WHEN: Saturday, December 4, 2021 from 10:00am to 11:30am CST

HOW: You gather the ingredients you need to make whatever cookie you desire, and we all make cookies

WHY: Creating cookies from scratch is an act of love, and the world could use more love


This will be similar to those cookie exchanges, except we make our very favorite—or try something new—and enjoy a special treat together. And you know my rule, only eat it if it’s AMAZING!

As a result, what may on first glance appear counterintuitive to our health, is not. 

While the cookies are baking, I’ll be coaching you on various aspects of health. We learn from one another and share lots of laughs.

To join in the fun, be sure to email me prior to Saturday, December 4 to save your spot. I’ll then email you the event Zoom link, along with any special instructions.

Enjoy this pre-Thanksgiving week!

Much love,
Health Coach Carol

“The only thing standing between me and a donut is you.”—Mr. Non-Compliant at church on donut Sunday

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