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Are Bananas Good for You?

Are Bananas Good for You?

Bananas sometimes get a bad rap. The truth is, they have lots of redemptive qualities.

They are among the most important food crops on the planet.

Although this fruit is high in carbohydrates, it contains a good amount of potassium, and vitamins B6 and C.  

They have a relatively low glycemic index of 42-58, depending on their ripeness. Bananas have a high content of resistant starch (that which passes through your gut undigested) and fiber, thereby promoting colon health.

Their potassium and antioxidant content contribute to heart health.  

They make a good snack, since they come already wrapped and are easy to grab when you’re on the go.

Bananas are sweet, satisfying, and give you a boost of energy when you hit that low point between meals.

They go great with peanut butter.

My Sophie dog loves bananas–and peanut butter for that matter.

People with type 2 diabetes should avoid eating lots of well-ripened bananas, especially on an empty stomach. While they have a rather low glycemic index, it’s advisable to check blood sugar levels after consuming high carb/sugar foods.

A baby at week #20 is the size of a banana.

My best banana tip: When they become overripe, I peel them, break in half, and toss in a plastic bag in the freezer. This is my stash for protein smoothies or banana muffins.

So, if you enjoy bananas, they are a good fruit to add to your healthy eating plan.   

This week, we are all preparing—or not–for a unique Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for you.

Much love,

 “Life is full of banana skins. You slip, you carry on.”– Daphne Guinness

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