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Care for an Exercise Snack?

Care for an Exercise Snack?

The terminology “exercise snack” is rather intriguing.

I wanted one before I knew what it was. Would it be coated with dark chocolate? Is it low in sugar?

Turns out the answer to both questions is, “No.”

It has nothing to do with food, even though it’s a snack. I think you might even like it.

Here’s the deal. We all know that moving is good for us—mentally and physically. We also know that many of us are a bit too sedentary.

A very small study was done at Columbia University that determined this: just five minutes of walking every half hour, (a.k.a. an exercise snack), can significantly lower your risk of heart disease and other chronic illness.

Reductions were noted when measuring blood sugar and blood pressure. Fatigue decreased as well.

Now, this study was very small, and the control group was extremely sedentary.

However, sometimes we are more sedentary than we care to admit or even realize.

Creating a plan you are willing to commit to that involves more movement throughout the day pays worthwhile health dividends.

We sometimes have the mindset that if we don’t put in a full workout, everything else doesn’t count.

It all counts.

If you’re not sure if you’re moving enough in a typical day, you may like to track it either manually or with a fitness tracker.

Then implement some exercise snacks if necessary. Here in the Midwest we’re experiencing some pleasant days. It’s the perfect time to add extra walking into your life.

On crummy weather days, hop on a treadmill or walk around your house/building.

Set a timer. Five minutes every half hour. Easy. 

Important note: If you’re under a doctor’s supervision, it’s a good idea to get clearance before beginning a new exercise program.

Cheers to enjoying the exercise snack!

Much love,
Health Coach Carol

“It is fine to be committed to work, but our minds need time to recover and our bodies need to move.” — Annika Sorensen

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