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Less Stress, More Fun this Holiday Season

Less Stress, More Fun this Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away. In this moment, it feels as though we have plenty of time to prepare.

And we do. IF we start NOW!

It hit me when I stopped in the grocery to pick up some fish for dinner yesterday and noticed all sorts of Thanksgiving dinner fixings on the endcaps.

Jellied cranberry sauce, pumpkin purée, miniature marshmallows, boxed gluten free turkey gravy…

I thought to myself, how many times do I think that I’ll have plenty of shopping trips to pick these items up, and guess what happens?

Yep, I’m in the store the week of Thanksgiving losing my mind.   

Typical scenario: Can you believe everyone else already bought ALL the jellied cranberry sauce and now I have to go to yet another store? (Mr. Non-Compliant must have his canned sauce with those can rings around it, or it’s not Thanksgiving.)

This year, I will not be a crazed Thanksgiving week shopper.

Many of those non-perishable items are tucked safely away in my pantry, just hanging out for the next 3 weeks.

My plan is to review my menu and make a list of the remaining items and pick them up later this week. The fresh items I’ll pick up on Monday of Thanksgiving week.

Less stress, more fun. I’m in.

Maybe this is something that could work well for you. Give it some thought, and if not, let it go.

Extra Halloween Candy

For those of you who live in Northwest Indiana, candy may be dropped off at all Franciscan Health Fitness Centers now through November 10th. Take it to the Service Desk and it will be sent to the men and women of our Armed Forces.

We gave out Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, not veggies. The goblins were pretty happy with those.

I took our extras to the Service Desk before Mr. Non-Compliant could squirrel more away for future snacking.

Please don’t feel sorry for him. He has enough leftovers to keep him happy until the pumpkin pie shows up.

Not only that, I have his cranberry jelly tucked away, right next to the pumpkin purée. 

Save the Date

I’ll be hosting The Amazing Cookie Bake with Health Coach Carol on Zoom, Saturday, Dec. 4 from 10:00am to 11:30am CST. We had a delicious time last year, baking our favorites together with the help of technology.

Mark your calendar to join me for this FREE event! More details coming soon.

Much love,
Health Coach Carol

“Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.” – Joan Borysenko

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