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Pinky, the Ice Cream Truck

Pinky, the Ice Cream Truck

Last Sunday I was outside and heard the familiar sound of an ice cream truck in the neighborhood. I hadn’t seen one of these in…well, quite a long time.

I was so amused and delighted when I heard the music, that I decided I had to track it down. I also wondered if the kids were as excited about catching up to it as I was.

The sound came closer. When I saw a line of children and parents forming, I knew it was only a matter of time.


I felt like I was 8 years old again.   

Not that I wanted any ice cream. I really didn’t. I simply had this overwhelming desire to see the truck. I was caught up in the memory and filled with inexplicable giddiness.

I recalled the orange dreamsicles, root beer and banana popsicles, and the traditional ice cream bars.

All eaten with my best live-down-the-block buddies. (I lived on the corner at the top of a hill.)

Pure Happiness.

I caught up with Pinky, the ice cream truck. The driver was one very happy guy. And yes, I did stop him and ask him to pose for the photo.

On another block, little ones (accompanied by mom and dad) ran to the curb yelling, “Wait, don’t go!” He slowed and stopped, and squeals of delight ensued.

How could you not be happy when you’re making a little kid’s day? I walked home smiling and thinking how fun it was to get caught up in that memory.

Interestingly, when I mentioned Pinky to Mr. Non-Compliant, he recalled that his younger sister had a Pinky. His grandma crocheted Pinky, an extremely thin rabbit with very loooong dangly legs.

Apparently THAT Pinky was often in grandma’s repair shop.

Mr. Non-Compliant had Deego—a stuffed dog that grandma had to recover oodles of times.

My oldest son fondly remembers our family dinners. When I was cooking, it was relaxing and warm in the house. He had a calm feeling knowing that there was nowhere else any of us had to be.

That is still a feeling he gets when anyone prepares a home cooked meal for him. (Good to know.)

What memories bring you a sense of comfort, happiness, security, giddiness, love? What do other family members, children, or grandchildren fondly remember? This might be a conversation you’d like to have sometime in the coming week. 

Last week’s Haluski story and recipe struck a memory chord with several of you. Perhaps there are more stories tucked away that will make you smile.

Happiness and good feelings bring about more of the same.

Hoping that you rediscover your “Pinky” memory.

Much love,

“I go running when I have to. When the ice cream truck is doing sixty.” —Wendy Liebman

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